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Villaem CHP-08AR
Pure Reverse Osmosis

Improvising from the best-selling water purifier in Malaysia,Villaem boasts high-tech and efficient features.

Spec & Price

Retail Price

RM 3,580

(Free 1-Year Service & Product Warranty)

Monthly Rental

RM 118

(Free 5-Year Service & Product Warranty)

Colour :


Filtration Method :

Reverse Osmosis

Power Consumption :

Heater 270W – 320W
Compressor 0.7A

Tank Capacity :

6.4 Litres Ambient Water
3.7 Litres Cold Water
1.2 Litres Hot Water

Filters :

Neo-Sense  (Sediment + Pre-Carbon)
RO Membrane
Plus Inno-Sense  (Post-Carbon + Fine)
Antibacterial  Yes

Filtration Capacity :

7.9 Litre / Hour

Dimension :

340 mm (W), 523 mm (D), 518.7 mm (H)

Net Weight :

22.3 kg


Temperature Indicator

Allows user to know the current highest and lowest temperature in tank.

Dual Temperature Control

Control Temperature from 45C to 97C using the hot-warm control dial.

Mood Lamp

Mood lamp functions as a convenient illumination during night time when there is insufficient lighting.

Light Sensor

Night mode reduces power consumption by shutting heater and cooling compressor automatically when it detects dim light environment.

Additional Water Outlet

Dispense water even during a blackout.

4 Alternatives Temperature

Choose the best options of hot, warm, ambient, cold different temperature to suit your family needs


All filters are certified by WQA, Halal and NSF.

STEP 1 & 2

Neo-Sense Filter

(Plus Sediment + Pre-Carbon Filters)
Reduces particles and soluble contaminants, making it free from chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc.


RO Membrane Filter

Removes water contaminants such as heavy metals, waterborne microorganisms and harmful organic chemicals.

STEP 4 & 5

Plus Inno-Sense Filter

(Post Carbon + Fine Filters)
Reduces odours and improves the taste of water.

Step 6

Antibacterial Filter

Prevents growth of microorganisms inside the water tank.

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