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Harry CHP-590N
Natural Nanotrap™ Filter

Harry’s compact size and contemporary design meansit complements your house décor perfectly.

Spec & Price

Retail Price

RM 3,960

(Free 1-Year Service & Product Warranty)

Monthly Rental

RM 123

(Free 5-Year Service & Product Warranty)

Colour :

Black & White

Filtration Method :

Coway Nanotrap™ Filtration

Power Consumption :

Heater 500 ~ 600W
Compressor 0.7A

Tank Capacity :

6.0 Litres Ambient Water
3.0 Litres Cold Water
3.0 Litres Hot Water

Filters :

Neo-Sense  (Sediment + Pre-Carbon)
Core Filter  Coway Nanotrap™
Plus Inno-Sense  (Post-Carbon + Fine)
Antibacterial  Yes

Filtration Capacity :

30 Litre / Hour

Dimension :

260 mm (W), 448 mm (D), 1150 mm (H)

Net Weight :

27.0 kg


Temperature Indicator

Allows user to know the current highest and lowest temperature in tank.

Easy To Operate

User can easily choose between Drinking water and Alkaline Ionised Water at different dispensing cork.

Pure and Safe

By electrolyzer cleaning function, alkali ion water is always pure and safe.

Dual-Temp Alkaline

The first alkaline water with 2 temperatures Cold & Ambient

Additional Water Outlet

Dispense water even during a blackout.

3 Alternatives Temperature

Exclusive design that allows preferred water temperature at Hot, Ambient and Cold.


All filters are certified by WQA, Halal and NSF.

STEP 1 & 2

Neo-Sense Filter

(Plus Sediment + Pre-Carbon Filters)
Removes particulates, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dissolves organic and inorganic impurities.


Coway Nanotrap™ Filter

Reduces viruses and bacteria by using electromagnetic forces.

STEP 4 & 5

Plus Inno-Sense Filter

(Post Carbon + Fine Filters)
Removes smell induction materials to improve the taste of water.

Step 6

Antibacterial Filter

Prevents growth of microorganisms inside the water tank.

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